Often, we may want to change the background of specific layout section. For example, on our website, the default background of the "Promo" section was grey and we wanted to make it more lively. So, this is what we had to do..

1. Figure out where that element is. For that, open up your website, go to Chrome menu at the top right of your browser window, select Tools >> Developer Tools, or right-click on any page element and select "Inspect Element".

2. The DevTools window will open at the bottom of your Chrome browser.

3. Right click on the page to know the exact position of page you want to change the background. Then you will find the css file that has to be modified. In our case, it was template.css.

4. If you are using JSN YOYO, at the right side you will find "#jsn-promo (same line) template.css: 340" and "background-image: url('/images/bg.jpg')".

Now, to change the background in Joomla

5. Log into Joomla 3.2 Admin

6. In the top menu, click Extensions and then click Template Manager.

7. In the list of templates, you will find the two options left side of the page "Templates" and "Style" and click on the Templates.

8. In the list of CSS, find and click on the templates.css and search line numbers of 340.

9 Added "background-image: url ('images/bg.jpg')".