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FastBanquet: A remarkable Banquet/Event Planning Platform for all stakeholders


As a consumer, how did you narrow down the place where you wanted to celebrate your kid's birthday party? Was that a delightful experience?

As a Sales Manager, was it fun planning and executing your last set of events? Most likely, the answer is no.  Every Banquet Event Order Generation take an enormous toll on the Sales Teams. Current tools and processes not only take the joy out of closing deals for sales teams but also put additional stress on customers and make event planning and execution a nightmare. 

FastBanquet, an innvovative platform from FocalCXM simplifies the process and improves the overall experience for sales, service providers and customers. Join us to learn more.



Presenter: Mr Dipak Thakker

As a co-founder of FastBanquet marketplace, Dipak brings over 20 years of experience in IT and over 10 years of experience in hospitality industry owning and managing large full service hotels. Over the years, Dipak experienced the pains his management team is going through in booking and detailing events, converting leads etc.

FastBanquet was conceived two years back to simplify the lives of hospitality professionals.

Dipak holds an MBA degree from University of Maryland, College Park. He brings in strong finance and management background and hands on experience in hospitality industry.

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